Celebrate. Create Memories. 

A Naming Ceremony offers the chance to celebrate your new addition to the family. We help you to make it a truly special and memorable occasion.

It is a wonderful chance for your family to celebrate the birth of your child or children, to officially name them and to share the dreams and aspirations for your child’s future.

The naming ceremony is an opportunity to mark personal commitment; to uphold the well being, the dreams, and the welfare for your child, whether a new born or at any age. 

It can also be a chance to welcome new step-children or an adopted child into the family, and for families and communities to come together to unite and bond.

Tailor Made Ceremonies offer you a unique and personalised service, where you can celebrate your child coming into the world however, whenever and wherever you choose.

A Naming Ceremony is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance. Learn more about the creative process with your Naming Celebrant.

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