A historic moment for same-sex marriages

A historic moment for same-sex marriages

Congratulations to all of the couples, both straight and gay, who are marrying today in true equality.  Same-sex couples now will be able to enter into civil marriages and their unions will be equal to marriages between couples of the opposite sex in both rhetoric and law. Find out more on my website here. 

Today, was a special day also for Darren and Evandro, a lovely gay couple who met during their time working on Carnival Cruises. I had the pleasure of officiating their service in the beautiful Grant Thistle Hotel in the centre of Bristol.

Their theme was black and white, with roses for their flowers. They both looked very hansome in their slim fit suits and shiny footwear. Evandro, from Brazil, was walked down the aisle by his sister, Talita, who could not speak English but did a great job at saying ‘I will’ when she gave Evandro away.

Darren was accompanied by his mother, Maureen, who stood by his side as a proud mother would.

The service was personal and emotional. You could feel the electricity and connection between them and I wish them the very best for their future as Husband and Husband.

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