Celebrant-Led Weddings for Unlicensed Venues

Celebrant-Led Weddings for Unlicensed Venues

The rules on what is acceptable for weddings are changing. Not so long ago, nobody would have dreamed of getting married in a venue that wasn’t recognised by the church or register office. However, marriage is about more than religion these days – it is about announcing your love to the world and joining two families where ever and whenever you decide. Whether or not you choose to include your God in the ceremony is up to you. Celebrants offer you the opportunity to now have the ceremony you dream of.

Celebrant-Led Services

Without the bindings of a church service, betrothed couples are keen to explore other venue options. Perhaps the place they choose might have a special meaning in their relationship or enable them to include a dearly departed loved one in their day. Maybe they just really like the idea of getting married at a music festival or in the middle of the woods.

These quirky locations are rarely licensed by the church, so couples can choose a celebrant to take charge of their wedding. They can still include religious elements if they wish – in fact, with a celebrant-led wedding, there are no rules about what to include, so you can create a service as unique as you are, which is sure to make it a day to remember for all involved.

The only thing a celebrant cannot do, is oversee the legally required documents. The ceremony, the words, the people you would like to share in your day – they can all be there. You will have to sign the paperwork on a separate occasion.

Things to Consider

While having the flexibility of a celebrant-led wedding can be great, the scale of choice can be overwhelming – the world is literally your oyster! Before you even begin to start looking, it might be wise to think about exactly what you want. Is there a special place that you have in mind? Or have you always dreamed about getting married in a beautiful botanical garden or on a beach? Try to pinpoint exactly what you want from your wedding service before you start your search.

When you have narrowed down a few venue choices, contact them and check their availability. You will then need to decide on a celebrant that will help you to create a personalised wedding of your dreams. They can go through the details of the service with you and help you to create the picture of your ideal ceremony.

You will also need to book an appointment at your local registry office to complete the formalities of your marriage. You can do this before or after the service, but it makes sense to keep it as close to the date as possible, maybe even getting it done the morning of the ceremony, so that everything is fluid and easy. This is the least exciting part of getting married, but the most important, so don’t forget it!

A celebrant-led wedding is really much like a traditional wedding, but without all the necessary formalities that can sometimes feel a little tedious. This is your chance to add a touch of personality to proceedings, so that you have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

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