Finding your dream location has got a lot easier!

Finding your dream location has got a lot easier!

If you have ever dreamt of having your ceremony in a marquee, by a lake, in a tipi, in a castle, or in just about any location, and you thought it wasn’t possible…well, think again – you now can!

You don’t have to be restricted to searching through a list of (sometimes very overused and standard) licensed venues; you now have the freedom to have your dream ceremony, in your ideal location. You just have to do a few simple things differently with these few steps:

1. Choose a Celebrant led service

Wedding Celebrants offer you the chance to have your wedding ceremony without restrictions on content or location. Each ceremony is individually crafted to you and can take place wherever you choose.

We, at Tailor Made Ceremonies, offer an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.  We will talk you through your options and help you design a service that can be as traditional or modern as you like. It’s your ceremony at the end of the day and it should reflect you as a couple. You will still be pronounced husband and wife, say your vows and exchange rings, and you can have limitless options such as readings, songs, religious content, traditions etc.

You can include anything in your service, as there are no restrictions at all on content.

2. Find your dream venue

Get excited. You now have the freedom of choice of location. The options are now endless! You can find a village hall, a lakeside, on a mountain, at the beach or even in a castle. Wherever your ideal location is, you can now have your wedding ceremony. Quite often, our couples choose somewhere that has significance for them.

Nothing standard or ‘overused’; It’s your unique commitment and the words and venue should reflect that.

3. Get the legal part done

This is the simple part. To legally marry in the UK, you have to register your intent at the registry office and simply pop along to your local registry office (appointments etc are of course needed) and sign the legal paperwork. There is no need to dress up, exchange rings, say vows or anything that would make it feel like an actual ceremony. You can wear jeans, take just 2 witnesses (these can even be the staff at the office!) and as long as you say one particular sentence and sign in the right place you are then legally married! No need to tell anyone about this section, it’s not ceremonial, just the signing of papers.

4. Make a plan

Remember if you are thinking of having your ceremony outside, you cannot always guarantee the weather in the UK, so be mindful of having a back up plan. Consider hiring a marquee or have a room to hold the ceremony in should it rain.

**Have your ideal wedding ceremony ‘Tailor Made’**

Nowadays the sky really is the limit on venue choice. You no longer have to be restricted to licensed venues and standard services. You can have a tailor made Wedding Ceremony, unique to you as a couple, in the location of your choice.

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