Gay Wedding Ceremony Etiquette – a new tradition begins!

gay wedding etiquette

Gay Wedding Ceremony Etiquette – a new tradition begins!

Gay wedding etiquette is not something we can all list down as yet, with it’s fresh launch it’s yet to be created, and to us, this is really exciting! Gay couples of 2015 and 2016 are going to be the first in creating some really impactful and new gay wedding traditions!

Jennifer, from Tailor Made Ceremonies, remarks on her experiences with gay couples getting wed:


Who will walk down the aisle?

“There are many options here and the choice really comes down to what suits you both. Many couples choose to walk down the aisle together as a unit. Some couples like to walk down the aisle together with their close family member (mum, dad, sister etc) next to them also (although 4 people can be a squeeze!). Or as with a bride and groom, gay couples also choose to walk down separately with their chosen loved one next to them.” 

How about best man, groomsmen or bridesmaids?

“Many gay couples choose their best friends to be involved in the wedding. Gay couples can have their best friends enter the ceremony first and their groomsmen supporting both partners. Again the choice really is yours!”

So the dreaded financial question, who pays for the wedding?

“Well, traditionally in a heterosexual marriage it was left to the bride’s family to pay for the wedding and the groom’s family to pay for the honeymoon. Nowadays, most couples pay for their own wedding with help from family members, plus the ask to the wedding party to help pay for the honeymoon!

Gay couples are no different here, gay couples also like to pay for their own weddings with help from family members if the want or can.”

How will we be pronounced at the end of the ceremony?

“Wife and wife? Husband and husband? or just Joe and Mark? There are many options here that will suit your style. Gay couples may chose partners in life or simply pronounce them by their names.”

It’s an exciting time for gay couples getting wed. Just contact us for more information on making your gay wedding ceremony really stand out from the rest, and how we can make some traditions together!

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