Outside Wedding Ceremonies: to be or not to be?

Outside Wedding Ceremonies: to be or not to be?

Ok, so we all know what the UK weather is? Majorly unreliable. For the last 2 years, we have had some guaranteed warm weather and sunshine during the months of April – September. Very hard to pinpoint when.

When I was getting married, I choose July. Peak summer season and thought ‘yes, definitely going to be sunny for my ceremony’. I choose to risk it and I booked Plas Glansevin, a beautiful venue in Wales with a stunning oak tree in the front gardens.

I wanted to have my service outside. For all brides who also had this idea, I bet you also spent your time at work on BBC weather, refreshing every day to check the weather forecast (2 months in advance!).

Let’s be serious. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are a dream. Next to nature, breathing fresh air and some gorgeous settings but they come with big considerations. Don’t be scared by it though, you just need to be prepared.

Here are some top tips:

1.  Have a backup plan

You’ve found a lovely field in the middle of the Cotswolds but there is absolutely no shelter anywhere. This is a no, no. At the very least, rent a canopy for the front of the ceremony for you both, or a whole marquee for the ‘just in case’. Marquees and canopies can be decorated to fit your theme and add a touch of personality to an open space.

2.  Buy some umbrellas

Let’s face it, it could be beautiful sunshine in the morning and then start raining during your service (yes, that happened to me!). Be prepared. Ask you guests to bring an umbrella in your colour theme or purchase enough white umbrellas for your guests. They can look great in pictures and if you are stuck for cash, could be a good favour!

3. Make it accessible

You can score some great free outdoor venues. You might just need to get permission but you can cut venue costs by far. However, make sure your venue is easily accessible to high heel shoes and pushchairs. If the weather takes a turn for the worst in the week before, go visit and check for muddy patches. Consider laying some wooden slacks or some hay (yes, hay!) to give a better walk way.

4. Have fun

Although you cannot guarantee the weather in this country, enjoy it. You are British and for your whole life you have had to get used to this unreliable, unfavourable, sometimes wonderful weather. If it is sunny, fabulous. If it rains, go with it. Wear your welly boots, put up your white umbrella and smile. It’s your big day!

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