The joy of writing Wedding Ceremonies

The joy of writing Wedding Ceremonies

As I sit at my desk and read over couple questionnaires, I get an insight into different types of love. From initial meetings at a bar, to dropping a pen and two people trying to pick it up together, this meeting and first eye contact, bring my work to life.

The ceremony I am currently writing for takes place in August. The couple want an outside wedding ceremony, under an old tree in Wiltshire. Stunning location and I can’t wait to officiate the service. Their love blossomed after an initial meeting with friends and within 8 months, they bought a house together and have spent the last few years making it a home. The answers to their questionnaire spill love, romance and lust. You can just feel the love when reading their experiences.

What a great job, I am honoured to get to write about their journey to marriage!

Best get back to it!

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