The Strangest and Most Fabulous Places to say I do!

The Strangest and Most Fabulous Places to say I do!

When you close your eyes and think of where you might get married, what comes to mind? Is it a huge marquee decorated with twinkling fairy lights and luscious lilies?

Perhaps it’s an ornate cathedral or a beach in the Mediterranean where you can dig your toes into the sand and watch the sun set with you new husband?

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out the wackiest and weirdest wedding locations available to say ‘I do’… Churches, beaches, marquees or gorgeous gardens – these are certainly some of the more typical ‘wedding day’ dream locations, but increasingly couples are looking for a more unique and memorable location within which to say ‘I do’.

From the awe inspiring to the slightly weird. Here’s just a few you might want to consider for your wedding day: Perhaps you’re looking for something more special than a beach wedding – images courtesy of

Perhaps you’d prefer an underwater wedding – as you do! Image courtest of The ultimate in cool (literally!) get wed at London’s Iconic Icebar

1.) Absolut Icebar – London Set in the heart of London this sub zero venue will certainly give your guests an occasion to remember.

The aisle is constructed out of the purest ice harvested from a river in Sweden. This bar is far from being a novelty venue as they also offer a very high standard of catering courtesy of their award winning chefs. Find out more here:

2.) A Cave Wookey Hole in Somerset, who recently appointed a new resident witch, offer couples the opportunity to exchange their vows deep underground in one of their spooky caves. There are a selection of caves to choose from, the largest can accommodate 120 guests, all of which are fully licensed for civil ceremonies. Click here for more information

3.) Zero-Gravity Wedding Two wealthy space fanatics made the headlines in June 2009 when they became the first ever couple to be married in zero-gravity conditions. The bride wore earrings shaped like planets, and the groom wore cuff links shaped like spacecraft, and the wedding party (see picture) attended in blue jump suits!

The wedding took place in a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft operated by Zero Gravity Corp, a company which offers weightless flight experiences by flying thousands of metres about the gulf of Mexico (but not quite in space). The couple just about managed to kiss, and did not drop the wedding ring, although there was great confusion when the wedding ring of one of the guests floated into their paths.

It is not known how much the ceremony cost, but I am sure Zero Gravity Corp will quote you a (hefty!) price!

4.) Editor’s Office We’re not sure why, but the offer is there. Media enthusiasts (if there is such a thing) can choose to commit themselves to each other in the Editor of The Daily Mirror’s office in Canary Wharf, London.

Aaah, the romance! If you’re a busy career couple, this maybe the perfect venue as you can tie the knot during your lunch break; even better if you happen to work at The Daily Mirror. Always dreamt of being a real princess on your wedding day? Look no further than a wedding in Disneyland! If money is no object – how about a zero gravity wedding? Images courtest of Going underground – make it official in a Somerset cave setting…

5.) The Gherkin Boasting the best views over the city of London, The Gherkin is the capital’s most iconic modern building. The London landmark also offers a very high standard of hospitality with some the biggest companies choosing it as the venue for their lavish parties. The Gherkin can be seen for miles around so your guests certainly won’t have any difficulty finding your wedding venue.

6.) DisneyWorld Wedding Before you roll your eyes and say, ”Why would someone want to get married among a menagerie of characters?” hear me out. Walt Disney World weddings are surprisingly diverse. They can be themed to the hilt—ride to the ceremony in Cinderella’s horse-drawn coach, have trumpeters herald your arrival, speak your vows under the spires of Cinderella Castle—or, they can be romantic and elegant without even a hint of Mickey and the gang. And with the Wedding Pavilion, four theme parks, and more than a dozen resort locations, you and your prince charming have lots of options of your spot to say I do. You can request a quote for your Disneyland Wedding here

7.) On The Outside Of A Plane A British couple intrigued the world in August 2008 after getting married, whilst strapped to the wing of a plane! The groom was strapped to the wing of one plane, the bride on the wing of another, whilst the vicar was strapped facing backwards on another. (Probably not for the faint-hearted!) and finally, one which hasn’t happened yet: 8.) Getting Married In Space Richard Branson wants it to happen, and so it probably will.

The slightly eccentric thrill-seeking British billionaire, owner of Necker Island and founder of the Virgin empire, is one of those at the forefront of trying to push forward commercial space flights. Having already married a couple on one of his Virgin Airways flights and with a couple already having been married in zero-gravity he has signalled his intention to find a willing couple to get married in space. So if you’re willing to wait… So what do you think?

Will you be sticking to a more traditional wedding ceremony, or do you think that the more bizarre and unique the better?

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